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  • Þyrla frá Norðurflugi við gosið hefur hún verið að ferja farþega á gosstað ásamnt tveimur örðum þyrlum


See Iceland from a different angle.

Iceland’s exquisite beauty is all around, in a multitude of forms, at the small scale and the large scale, in all seasons. Mostly, these sights are seen with your feet on the ground and, awesome as they certainly are, Iceland’s wonders can now be seen from a very different and very special perspective, from the air! See Iceland as the birds do; share their privilege.

We offer helicopter tours for spectacular aerial sightseeing and for all kinds of special occasions and celebrations. We can provide you with a tailor-made helicopter ride, exploring places most fascinating to you.  Further, if desired, we can also add in all sorts of other activities for the extra thrill. These include:-

  • Heli-SuperJeep
  • Heli-Fishing
  • Heli-Snowmobile
  • Heli-Skiing
  • Heli-Caving
  • Heli-Diving
  • Heli-IceWalk/Climb
  • Heli-ATV
  • Heli-Unique BBQ

Sweeping over Iceland’s landscapes in a helicopter opens up new vistas, new perspectives. It deepens respect for nature too, its processes and glorious forms. Perhaps after your “aerial sweep” you will be encouraged to then explore more wilderness areas further, on foot, in super jeep; we are ready to take your enquiry!

Tours can vary from minutes to days – We will tailor-make your adventure!

per person*
Duration: Minutes to days
Location: Iceland
Departure: On Request
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  • Pickup locations can be at (a) Reykjavik Airport, (b) from your Reykjavík hotel or (c) your accommodation base outside of  Reykjavik
  • As well as taking a place on an Open Tour (with other clients), Private Tours (which are our most popular) can be readily arranged on request.