Arctic Foxes Day Tours

Þórsmörk, located in the southern part of Iceland, is a beautiful and popular destination known for its stunning landscapes, lush vegetation, and diverse wildlife. One of the highlights of visiting Þórsmörk is the opportunity to spot the resident Arctic foxes that inhabit the area.

The Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) is the only native land mammal in Iceland and has adapted to the harsh Arctic environment. These foxes have a thick, white fur coat in winter, which helps them blend in with the snowy surroundings, and a brownish-gray coat in the summer. They are known for their resourcefulness and agility in hunting for prey in the challenging Arctic conditions.

When exploring Þórsmörk, keep an eye out for these elusive creatures. They are known to roam the area, and with a bit of patience and luck, you might catch a glimpse of them. Remember to maintain a respectful distance and observe them quietly to minimize disturbance to their natural behavior.

Enjoy your visit to Þórsmörk and the chance to witness the Arctic foxes in their natural habitat!

Þórsmörk Super Jeep

Experience rough volcanic terrain, icecaps/glaciers and unbridged rivers.
All Year
6 – 8 hrs.

Þórsmörk Hike Day Tour

Immerse yourself deeply in the astounding Þórsmörk Mountain Reserve.
7 – 8 hrs.