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Itinerary for your trip to Iceland

Midgard Adventure is a travel agency. We can help you plan your travel in Iceland. We can either make a complete itinerary for your whole vacation in Iceland or just organise a part of it by giving you advice and booking some tours and activities for example. We are used to working with different budgets, anywhere from a small budget to luxury.

We have the knowledge and connections to make your dream vacation come true. You want to have someone local to give you advice, someone that understands Iceland’s ever changing weather, what is worth doing and when and someone that understands what is needed to create a vacation where you discover the real Iceland.

We book tours and activities

We are well connected. We can tell you which operator delivers the most authentic experience. Tell us what you would like to experience or ask us to give you ideas – we have a lot of them.

We book accommodation, transfers and restaurants

We have our very own accommodation at Midgard Base Camp. We also have many other accommodation options in the area and of course in other parts of Iceland. We know the best accommodation whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, accommodation in a truly unique location, unusual lodging or just a simple bed for the night to get you to your next amazing destination. We can also book for you transfers, whether it is private or with a bus. Let’s not forget the restaurants. We know the best seafood restaurant (lobster, yes please!), best wood fired pizza and the best restaurants for vegetarians/vegans. Midgard Restaurant is of course in our top ten!

Skilled itinerary creators

Our small team consists of skilled itinerary creators that have years of experience. Our emails are personal and we gladly answer any questions you may have. To discuss possibilities/ideas we can always have a chat over the phone.

Local knowledge

As mentioned above we have the local knowledge you want your travel agency to have. With us you will connect with locals and create profound memories that last a lifetime.

No extra “middleman” booking fee

When we book tours, accommodation or activities with another company you don’t pay an extra “middle man” fee. You pay the same price as if you would book yourself. Our commission is included in that price. That’s the tradition in Iceland.

Why book with us?

Check out these reasons here and find out what separates us.

Our story

We started our little business and the day after Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano that is basically in our backyard, erupted! That was back in 2010. Learn more about our adventure by clicking here.

Inspiration for your trip!

Are you craving inspiration for your trip to Iceland? Check out our videos!

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