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We at Midgard Adventure offer you the custom service where you can plan your own trip adventure. You decide where to go and what to do and we strive to fulfil your preferences and adjust it to the current conditions each time.

We have the experience and local knowledge that will come in good use to help you enjoy your special trip that hopefully becomes the trip of your dreams.
Get in touch now, and we will immediately start preparing your trip.

Let’s make something special

At Midgard Adventure we are highly “self evaluative” about our service. We want our customers to leave us having had a most positive set of experiences, gaining great memories and with a sense of awe about what South Iceland, and its glorious nature, has to offer. Iceland is a feeling as well as a reality.

For individuals, travellers and groups (of friends or family), we offer a very wide range of Icelandic adventures. This includes super jeep tours, hiking, climbing, horse riding, snowmobiling, northern light seeking (the aurora borealis) and much more … as our website illustrates.

Additionally, for professional organisations, we organize and plan all aspects of on-location logistics needed for movie and photographic production (e.g. for film makers and advertising companies).

South Iceland is exciting and full of many fun and adventurous opportunities. We know the area very well, we prize and appreciate our “home area”, very much. We are determined to conserve it and to “keep it special”. But we also wish to impart these pleasures to visitors and to share fulfilling experiences.