One tour per person


We plan, organize and operate educational travel. We create curriculum linked itineraries that include carefully designed projects and experiential learning that challenge students to develop skills, understanding and knowledge that are harder to obtain in the “traditional classroom”.

Every group has different needs and wants based on the learning outcomes the students are to achieve during their travel. We offer custom-made comprehensive tour packages which include learning activities, tours, accommodation, transfers and meals. We can also assist you in organizing part of your itinerary.

Peace of mind

Planning educational group travel is a big responsibility. We can assist you and make sure you have a peace of mind. As we are both a travel agency and operator we are hands-on, meaning that we book and organize nearly all elements of the tour ourselves. Hence, we solve any issues that arise and you will not have to go through a third-party.

Activities and tours

We make sure to include activities and tours that are in line with the goals of the curriculum. Tell us which learning outcome you are after and we will suggest activities that assist in that teaching. We want students to be thoroughly engaged in the learning process. We like to combine education, adventure and cross-cultural interaction.

Here are a few broad ideas of what can be included:

  • workshops
  • clinics
  • classes
  • themed guided tours
  • lectures
  • visits
  • beyond your comfort zone” activities

…and a few more specific ideas:

  • Zero-waste multi-day hike
  • Visit to the Lave Centre followed by a lecture by a geologist
  • Confidence boost workshop
  • Mountain Survival training
  • Yoga/Mindfulness class
  • Volcano Expedition
  • Ice-walk/climb, super jeep tour into the highlands, snowmobile tour


We have great accommodation for educational groups. At Midgard Base Camp you can choose from bunk beds or private rooms. There is also a restaurant, café, shop and a bar on site. Not to mention the hot tub and sauna. Midgard Base Camp is a modern centre with a very cozy “family feel” and a very happy, positive atmosphere. In addition to Midgard Base Camp we also work with other hostels/hotels.

Our experience

We have been organizing educational group travel since 2010. We have organized both on-off trips and collaborated with ongoing educational programs such as The GREEN Program which creates short-term, experiential education for our world’s most pressing issues in sustainable development. Since 2013 we have received from 8-10 groups per year from The GREEN Program. We have also worked with Expedition Medicine, the leading provider of expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses.


Safety is imperative in all our operations. We are certified by Vakinn, the official quality and environmental system within Icelandic tourism.

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