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Cultural & Geological Activities in Iceland

Here you can see our favorite cultural and geological activities offered in Iceland. Drawing from our extensive experience as a travel agency and tour operator since 2010, we’ve carefully selected these top activities. We’ve personally tried each one to ensure we recommend only the best.

Explore the fascinating Lava Centre and witness the dramatic Lava Show, delve into the historic Caves of Hella, or soar above an active volcano on a thrilling helicopter ride. Each activity is designed for maximum enjoyment and safety, showcasing Iceland’s unique landscapes and heritage.

Book your cultural and geological adventure with us today and uncover the magic of Iceland’s natural and cultural wonders!

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Reykjanes Volcano Area - Helicopter Tour from Reykjavik

Book a helicopter tour to the eruption!
All Year
40 min.
Lava Centre Hvolsvöllur South Iceland
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LAVA Centre Volcano Exhibition & Cinema

A fun and educational journey about Iceland's volcanoes!
All Year
1 hour
Caves of Hella - historical activity South Icdeland
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Caves of Hella

Experience an ancient historical site in South Iceland.
All Year
70 minutes
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Lava Show - in Vík

Get up close to real molten lava - a Word Class edutainment!
All Year
45-55 minutes
Lava Show Reykjavík
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Lava Show - in Reykjavík

Get up close to real molten lava - a Word Class edutainment!
All Year
45-55 minutes
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ATV - Black Sand Beach

Ride an ATV on black lava beaches, visit the DC3 plane wreck and cross glacier rivers!
All Year
2 hrs.
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FAQ | Cultural & Geologocial Activities Iceland

1. When is the best time to visit for cultural and geological activities? 

These activities are available year-round, but the best time may vary depending on specific interests and weather conditions.

2. Are these activities suitable for all ages? 

Many activities are family-friendly and suitable for all ages, though some may have age restrictions.

3. Can these tours be customized for private groups? 

Yes, many tour operators offer private and customizable tours. Contact us here and we will get back to you shortly.

4. What makes Iceland’s geological features unique? 

Iceland’s geology is unique due to its volcanic activity, glaciers, lava fields, and geothermal features.

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At Midgard, we offer a selection of tours and activities. Our signature tours are Super Jeep tours and hiking tours in Iceland’s untamed wilderness. We have also partnered with the best local providers and handpicked our favorite ice cave tours, snowmobile tours, horse riding tours, cultural experiences and everything else we would love to do ourselves if we were visiting Iceland.

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Check out our multi-day tours, where we have carefully planned every day based on our local knowledge and experience. Our uniqueness is that our tours do not only include bucket list places but also Iceland raw and rugged, namely the Icelandic highlands. We don’t do big group trips that lack depth and authenticity. Everything is personal – in a good way! We like small groups where you can easily remember everyone’s name.

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