Which restaurants do you recommend in Hvolsvöllur area?

Midgard Base Camp restaurant is of course our first choice. We are not at all biased! 😉  Midgard Base Camp is a place to stop-by, a place to have a chat, to relax, to eat and to have a drink. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is very friendly!

Midgard chefs ensure that all ingredients and dishes are made to be energy giving, providing you with both a nutritious feast as well as a visual feast. Where possible, ingredients are locally sourced, with the emphasis on them being organic and their source’s sustainable. Midgard’s café, bar and restaurant are open daily with extensive hours. We cater for chirpy early birds as well as for prowling night owls. Midgard serves breakfast, snacks, lunches and evening meals.

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Gyða Pétursdóttir